Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Winning Projects for MSID 2008.

I've been specialize in interior photography for more than 10 years cause I always love to look at designer's masterpiece. Photographing interior is a lot different with weddings, composition, shapes/forms & lighting control is very important. I use to shoot for interior designers who needs to summit their projects for competition, judges will score by looking at the photos, so they need pro to handle this & that's my responsible.
For 2008, I have 2 series of photos that won 2nd place & 3rd place in 2008 MSID (Malaysian Society of Interior Design) Awards & I would like to share with you the winning projects by these 2 best interior designers.

2nd place, Hap Seng Consolidated by SI Design (

3rd place, OMYA by Veritas Design Group (

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Interesting shots from Patricia & Calvin's wedding portraiture

Gong Xi Fa Chai!
After a long holiday, it's time to update my blog.
This is one of the challenging series, Patricia & Calvin's wedding portraiture at Kellie's Castle & Ipoh.
Some of the shots, we applied infra red & light painting effects (I've been using these technique since 15 years ago in my commercial shoots), some of you might not heard about it before, if you are interested in light painting effect, I will talk about this topic more on my next update.
Here are my favourite shots.

Infra red filter with blue tone, one of my favourite color.

Infra red filter with Sepia tone, my 2nd favourite color.

Infra red filter with black & white tone.

You can compare these 3 diiferent results with infra red filter.

My favourite.

Another impact one.

I like this flying viel when Patricia is adjusting it.

Lovely texture...

I like this shot, it's just simple & beautiful.

Light painting effect.