Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Masterpiece of the month-April 2010

Been busy preparing WPPM conference for the past few months, finally have time to update my favorite photo.

Nikon D700, 50mm f1.4 lens.
Technique - Light Painting with ambient light.

Photo taken at Koh Samui, thanks to Ivory & Edmund.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

WPPM Conference 2010

After 4 months of preparation with Alvin Leong & Peter Tan, together with Jack Tan & Braendan Yong, our dream have become reality.
On day 1 - Morning we kick start with Lito Sy masterclass @ The Professional Gallery, Solaris Mont Kiara, Lito is a nice guy with lots of fun, his talk is very entertaining, he also show us how he shoot & post procession work.
Evening will be WPPM opening night at Prince Hotel, organized by Canon (thanks to Canon Marketing), I met a lot of friends here, we have fashion show by Kris Wong, Thats Special Occasion & some presentation by Canon to introduced their photographers, is a function to met up with old & new friends.
On day 2 - talks by local great speakers (total of 20 speakers/4 platform), I also purchased a t-shirt titled 'WTF' from Fiona Lim. The highlight will be the photos competition judged by Jerry Ghionis, Lito Sy, Charlie Lim & Kris Wong, is an open judging, so everyone get to know what is the comments on every photos by the judges, follow by a dinner together with VIP guest + committee.
On day 3 - talks by 5 speakers (included me), Jim Liaw, Lito Sy, Charlie Lim & Jerry Ghionis, it was a big challenge for me to speak back to back with all this experience speakers.
During my talk, titled 'Conceptual Portraiture with Leica', I share my ideas, experience & concept that I've been created with Leica S2 + M8 previously. At the end of my talk, when I show a picture of my son & daughter that related to my topic- 'Connection', all a sudden, I feel so emotional because I miss them, it been almost 2 weeks I have never spend time with them, we use to go swimming/gym alternate day at the condo, Japanese food/steamboat/fast food on Friday & shopping on Sunday.
End of the day, we have closing night that organized by Leica at Delicious, Marc Resident (Thanks to Schmidt Marketing), cool ambient, nice food & beers, the best part was all 'competitors' gel together for 'yam seng' & take photos, it was the most wonderful moment I felt.
On day 4 - Jerry Ghionis masterclass @ The Professional Gallery Solaris Mont Kiara, we have 2 classes, 1st one is about live shoot, Jerry's experience & 2nd class is about business & posing, both are wonderful.
I wish everyone who attend this conference will benefit from here & hope to see you again.