Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Opps! I Did It Again

20th Place, Wedding day or Engagement Portrait
(AG)WPJA Q1 Contest 2009
This will be my 16th award winning shot since 2006, will try my very best & score higher next round to make our country proud :)
Check this out-

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Wedding Photographer's Wedding

Hear are my favourite shots from Alishia & Ke Wynn's Wedding.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Professional Gallery

The Gallery, which is a project that has been in the works in recent months, showcases the photographic art and craft of a collective of award winning and renowned wedding photographers, namely, Patrick Low, Edwin Tan, Fui Yau Yap, Joel Poon (all of Exes Studio), Jason Victor (of Jason Victor Photography) and Alvin Leong (of Alvin Leong Photography). Also in the line up at The Professional Gallery are renowned make-up and hair stylists Jennifer Chao and Cindy Wong.
In addition, it also provides for truly professional back-end services with dedicated client liaison, operations and production departments all strung together in an efficient workflow system designed to ensure quality production of finished products within the promised time frames – something that today’s sophisticated brides and grooms to be have come to expect.
The end result of the combination of these elements would translate into the best of both worlds for couples to be in that they get to choose from a variety of professional photographers, as well as get true professional servicing in terms of delivery, client liaison and quality production. This would give them peace of mind in knowing that the amongst other things, delivery time is now no longer left in the hands of the photographers as these artists are often bogged down with heavy shoot schedules which in many cases within the industry has resulted in long delays.
There are also plans for the introduction of professional make-up and hair styling artists into the gallery in the near future to complement the existing collective of professional photographers.
The Professional Gallery is located at Suite J-8-12, No.2, Jalan Solaris, Solaris Mont’ Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.For more details, please contact William Lee at +6 012 313 5969 or +6 03 6204 0010. Alternatively, couples can e-mail The Professional Gallery at info@exes-studio.com.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Great Photos Great Moments

Great Photos, Great Moments Workshop 2009

They were called the Seven Wonders of Malaysia. These globetrotting, International award winning, funny, warm and innovative wedding photographers are once again coming together to showcase their art. Edmund, Jason, Jenny, Jim, Louis, Patrick and Zung will share with you how you can have your big day immortalized in an unforgettable manner through their lenses.

With last years edition of the workshop a resounding success where such words as “Informative, breathtaking and exceptional” were used by couples to describe the Workshop, this year’s promises more of the same.

A workshop designed primarily for to be wed couples, the second edition of this workshop promises to provide even more tips and information on how to ensure that their wedding images come out stunning and beautiful. Participants can expect to walk away not only with practical advice from the speakers, but also the opportunity to obtain first hand information from as well as to pose questions to these seasoned and established photographers – another rare opportunity to meet all seven of them in a single workshop. The topics that will be covered ranges from the benefits of engaging a professional photographer, to searching and selecting the preferred photographer all the way to how to be creative with wedding portraiture as well as posing techniques.

Couples will also have the chance to get a taste of the banquet food and witness the food presentation as prepared by Prince Hotel and Residences. In addition, participating couples will stand a chance to be only the second couple to win the Grand Prize of a Pre-Wedding Portraiture Shoot sponsored by the “Dream Team”, the 7 signature photographers themselves and Flaunt Weddings! There are also many other exciting prizes to be won during the workshop as well as a goody bag for every participant. The official media sponsor for the event is WeddingsMalaysia.com.

For more information, please log on to http://www.signaturephotographers.com.my/.

About Signature Photographers
Zung, Patrick Low, Jason Victor and David Chua began their wedding photography careers in Malaysia at a time when photographers were called “cameramen” and deliverables for a wedding photography shoot included 35mm negatives. A time when actual day photography was mostly covered on a part-time basis by photographers of local dailies and the approach to wedding photography was just that: “newspaper” type angles and compositions, hardly candid and rarely natural. There was little thought put into presentation and packaging, and almost no proper representation to lift the perception of the general public towards wedding photographers.Recognizing that there was much room for improvement, these 3 individuals (David Chua decided to pursue other ventures and subsequently left the group) got together and before long, they were having “the tarik” sessions for discussions into a common vision, a vision to set and gradually improve standards of the photographers within the group. A couple of years and a few hundred litres of the tarik later, Signature Photographers was formed in 2004. Various aspects of Wedding Photography were identified and deliberated over and through their discussions, sharing of knowledge and ideas, the vision of what remotely resembled a truly professional wedding photography outfit started to take shape.Along the way, more photographers who shared the same vision and passion surfaced and this resulted in four new additions to Signature Photographers in 2008. The new faces included the likes of Louis Pang, Jim Liaw, Jenny Sun and Edmund Tham, all accomplished (and award winning) photographers in their own right. The addition of the four highly talented individuals added further substance to the group with the likes of Jim being an Associate of Art as accredited by the Master Photographer Association UK, Louis having won numerous WPPI (Wedding and Portraits Photographers International) awards, Edmund a 1st prize winner in a WPJA (Wedding Photo Journalist Association) run competition and Jenny having won Best Album Cover Design (which featured her creative concept, styling, and photography) in the AIM awards 2008.Looking to the Future With the combined exposure the group has accumulated from covering weddings and other events in various locations all over the globe, Signature Photographers continue to learn daily of the different standards, methods, techniques and styles of photography the world has to offer – rest assured, it is our aim to continue “Bringing International Standards to Malaysia”.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Professional Gallery Opening

"The Professional Gallery - The Official Launch timesDue to the overwhelming response in the short time that we've posted the post on the official launch of The Professional Gallery, we would like to announce that the official launch date of the 10th of May 2009 is strictly for couples-to-be only. We will advise the date for all else, including industry partners etc at a later date. We apologise for the inconvenience caused."