Friday, August 28, 2009

Anonymous? Comments?

'Anonymous' been sending a few comments in my blog since the day I post a note on my facebook months back.

At first, I'm thinking of just delete & ignore it, after carefully reading those comments, I notice that all messages are like putting 'fire' between relationship with jealous, hates & desperate.I will like to share this with all my friends, it's about a photographer's blog (myself), 'what if someone don't like 'you or ???' I think this happen to lots of photographers out there too.

Here are the comments from Anonymous.
No edit, cut & paste from his comments-

19/7/09-Impressive as it may seems BUT it's so obvious Edmund Tham the award winner is so much better and more impressive, so much stronger in content and so much more original! Your elements and concepts are weak and everything is just too hard-sell.

Sorry, I can't recall which photo that he refering to, below is his comment.
23/7/09-think i've seen this shot before. is it that you've no new shots? edmund tham has beat you long ago.

29/7/09-Wow. Amazing shots you got there. Your client must be very please. Correct me if I'm wrong, I thought light painting was Edmund Tham's signature shot?

28/8/09-Jon Low has the same title "Dances in the rain". Did you copy him?

Sensative issue, right? But it's good to share with my friends who understand me who am I, I don't think I need to explain for all this. I'm the kind of person who focus on my journey, a little bit of pain & fails will not affect my dream, my goal & my passion.

Lastly, I hope this 'friend' will give me a call soon, cause I really want him to be happy, with wide open heart & together we can help the industry to grow better, I will try my best.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Zoe & Jimmy's Wedding Portraiture in Bali

This series is a little different, Jimmy doing his wedding portraiture session together with his parent wearing wedding costume too.
I will like to thanks Jimmy's parent for the wonderful lunch at Tanah Lot & dinner at Jimbaran, appreciate it, we really enjoy the whole session together.
Here are some of my favourites shots.

Infra Red effect.

I like this.

I like the texture...

Mavis & Chun How's Wedding Portraiture in Bali

I enjoy shooting in Bali, love the sunset, culture, people & massage too.
As for this trip, Jennifer, Eddie, Fui Yau & Joel, we all travel together & is like a company trip too, everyone enjoy & have fun during the shoot.
Here are some of my favourite shots.

Some people said that it's looks like an eye.....

Love the mood.

I like Infra Red effect.....

This is my favourite.....Light Painting, my signatutre.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Europe trip-London & Finland

Just landed KLIA, Jen (my wife) give me a surprise, she waited me at the airport for almost 2 hours due to flight delay.
Here are the quick selection from my favourite shots.




Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dances In The Rain 08'-Full Series

Some of the photos taken last year haven't expose till now, thought of sharing with you before I'm heading to Europe tomorrow.
It's pretty fun when you've a group of photographers who can share the same ideas, passion & work together, that's what I call 'teamwork' & I always believe in 'teamwork + win win'.
Setup, photography & directed by Fui Yau, Joel Poon & myself.
Special thanks to Ho Yan & Sireric that accepting our 'rain' concept, I know both of you are having tough time during the shoot.