Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Workshop at Wedding Hub

We are running a photography workshop on 5/4/09 2pm at the Wedding Hub, this workshop special design for couples who are planning for their big day & like to know more about wedding photography & also special promotion packages for couples who sign-up during the period.

For those who interested to join us (limited to 25 couples only), please contact Fiona-0379606480 or email to fiona@weddingsmalaysia.com

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Welcome! Edwin Tan, 5 times Consecutively AGWPJA Awards Winning Photographer

Edwin Tan

It's with great pleassure that I introduce Edwin Tan as the newest member of Exes Studio team.

A relatively newcomer in the industry, Edwin Tan has in a short time amassed an impressive portfolio. With two years experience in wedding photography, Edwin has amazed his clients with his ability to capture special moments with emotion, colour and soul. It all started while photographing his children as a hobby. Realising that he had talent for photography, he attended a workshop on wedding photography. The workshop had a profound effect on him, filling with him great inspiration and emotion. This was when he realised his calling to go out and capture those special moments that last a lifetime!

Edwin is blessed with an uncanny ability to anticipate and adapt to changing moments of a live shoot. His relaxed and easy-going nature puts couples at ease which enables them to fully express themselves. Edwin is unobtrusive and allows the events to unfold, as they should whilst surreptitiously injecting some of his own direction. With a storyline crafted in his mind, Edwin goes out to find the deeply emotional moments that reflect the story of the day. Being the perfectionist that he is, Edwin believes that every minor detail is important - loving glances, smiles and meaningful moments always captured and no tears left unseen.

Not one to be satisfied with his shots, Edwin always strives to do better in the next shot. Edwin believes that inspiration is all around us--- whether it is in the future or the past, we just need to tune into it. More importantly, he firmly believes that a photographer needs to be passionate about his work especially when making that crucial decision in shooting never-again events like a wedding. The effect of Edwin’s work on most of his clients has been emotionally profound, particularly upon seeing the finished compilation of their wedding photos. If one believes in love and finding Mr or Miss right, engaging Edwin is like finally landing a soul mate. It is really the joy of being able to experience deep, emotional moments unique to every wedding that fuels Edwin’s passion for wedding photography.
Edwin Tan is a member of Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalist Association, USA (AGWPJA), Professional Photographers of America, USA (PPA), Wedding Photojournalist Association, USA (WPJA).

We will like to share with you his latest award winning shots in 2008.

2nd place in Emotion Category Q3 2008

6th Place fir Engagement Portrait Category Q4 2008

11th Place in Reception Category Q4 2008

13th place in Ring Detailts Category Q3 2008

15th place in Ceremony Category Q3 2008

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Treasures of the rainforests photography challenge & conference

TREASURES OF THE RAINFORESTS Photography Challenge and Conference
12 - 15 June 2009

We invite you to join the search for the most inspiring image from the Batang Ai district. Meet ten of the top professional photographers in Malaysia – discuss and learn how to handle live, nature, wedding and portraiture shoots, join them on photography excursions to authentic Iban longhouses and nature hikes, share photography and learn the tricks of the trade.
Help in highlighting the wealth of diversity of Sarawak to the rest of the world, excite the imagination, and be a part of a series of national, regional and international showcases.
Celebrate Sarawak’s culture, nature and adventure – and be in the running to win more than RM5,000 worth of prizes.

Jim Liaw
Saiful Nang
Jimin Lai
Jenny Sun
Edmund Tham
Alvin Leong
Patrick Low
Jason Victor
Yusuf Hashim

For more information please visit http://www.treasuresoftherainforests.com/

Outstation Participants :
Single Room RM 1,728.00 per person
Twin Sharing RM 1,388.00 per person based on twin sharing room
Kuching Participants*
Single Room RM 1, 248.00 per person per room
Twin Sharing RM 1,128.00 per person based on twin sharing
* Kuching Participants fees is based on the room, meals, tours and meeting package for Hilton Batang Ai Longhouse Resort only
Rates are inclusive of hotel accommodations, transfers from Hilton Kuching to Hilton Batang Ai Longhouse Resort, longboat ride, longhouse tour, meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner throughout your stay, Meeting Room Rental, coffee/tea breaks and refreshments.


Payment can be made via Cheque and Credit Card at :
1) Hilton Kuching
2) Hilton Batang Ai Longhouse Resort
3) Alvin Leong Academy of Photography

To download registration or for more information, visit: www.treasuresoftherainforests.com
Send completed forms to:

+6082 570 818 Alvin Leong Academy of Photography
+6082 36 1970 Alvin Leong Photography
+6082 248200 Hilton Kuching

Fax: +6082 238 546

Organised by:
Hilton Kuching
Hilton Batang Ai Longhouse Resort
Alvin Leong Academy of Photography

Supported by:
Sarawak Tourism Board
Canon Marketing Malaysia
Sarawak Convention Bureau
Open University Malaysia, School of Lifelong Learning
Signature Photographers
Candid Syndrome

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

AGWPJA Contest 08

Here are my winning shots from Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalist Association (USA) Contest.

17th place-Kids, Q4
Judge's Comments: 1. A nice image but I wish the boy was critically sharp and not the background.

20th place-Reception Ambiance, Q3
Judge's Comments: 1. Ethereal painterly quality. Intriguing atmosphere and mix of colors with precise composition.

9th place-Reception, Q1
Judge's Comments: 1. Usually we shoot the entrance to see the couple's faces but this is a good use of the long veil to capture the entrance from behind. Good thought process by the photographer.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Infra Red Photography-Part 3

Some photographers have ask me about this - "how you created this images?". Well, it's pretty simple, you just need to give up 1 digital camera & convert it into infra red camera :p
Of cause you can try with infra red film, but it's very hard to get now & you can't check the exposure & results immediately.
Some photographers try to use 'photoshop plug-in', that can be done too but I don't like to do that cause it's just like using a f4 lens & try to create a f1.4 effect, it's too artificial, professional photographers shouldn't rely on photoshop plug-in.
I do notice a few points when I'm shooting with infra red camera-
1. Better shoot with smaller apreture (prefer f11 or f16), to avoid soft edge.
2. Try not to shoot close-up on portraits, especially eyes looking at camera, you can see the eye balls look dark grey.
3. Results will be better if you shoot outdoor under a direct sunlight, but sometimes you need to under expose by at least 1 f.stop, to get the best details.
4. For outdoor sunny day shots, you will notice that the leafs-become white instead of dark grey tone & sky-clouds look better from normal camera.
5. You need to set at 'higher contrast' in your camera setting, cause the default setting is too soft.
Here are some samples from Vanessa & Irwin wedding portraiture.