Thursday, July 5, 2012

One Piece by Patrick Low

One Piece

In moments of weakness and vulnerability, he clutches on to their rings. For in holding these rings, he feels their presence, gains strength and sometimes, just sometimes, hears their voices. The rings are those of his departed parents who he loved and cared for dearly. That is the story behind the rings hung around Patrick Low's neck on a gold chain, and in his latest exciting concept photography project, Patrick sets out to capture the stories and individuality of not only himself with his rings, but of various other personalities and celebrities with one item that is of great personal significance and connection to each of them. These images will feature specifically only the person, and the ONE item of meaning to them. The title of this project, simply - One Piece.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Photographer's Chill-Out Season 2, Episode 1

    • Date – 10th July, 2012
      Time – 7pm -9.30pm
      Venue – L1-47, First Floor, SStwo Mall, 40, Jalan SS2/72, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

      In the new season, The Photographer’s chill-out with Patrick Low ( ) will see a brand new co-host in the beautiful and talented Grace Tan ( ). It will also feature a more interactive experience whereby participants will be picked from the crowd to engage in on-stage games and activities with the featured guests. Seats are limited but for those who don’t manage get in, the organizers haven’t forgotten about you, the brand new season will also have a brilliant new feature where every episode this season will be available on-line through live streaming ( ) by integricity! ( ).

      In this exciting season’s very first episode, the Chill-Out will feature local recording artiste, actor (Nasi Lemak 2.0) and talented violinist, Dennis Lau (About Dennis Lau, click here :- ). He will share his experiences in making a music video, and more excitingly, Dennis will be premiering his brand new music video, “Gotcha Style”. Participants at this episode will be the lucky first few to see this musical event. In addition, the photo competition held during the live video shoot of “Gotcha Style” will be judged by Dennis, Live in front of the audience – come watch Dennis select, shortlist and eventually pick out a winning image. Dennis will then also interact with the audience by inviting a selected few onto the stage for some games and activities.

      Also new this season, which will be a regular feature in every episode, is “The Live Challenge”. This is where selected members of the crowd will be brought up onto stage to perform a photography challenge. Upon being brought up on stage, they will be immediately briefed and given limited time to perform the given challenge – if successful, a prize is awarded.

      As not to forget those watching from home, there will also be a photography competition that’s open to all. The topic/category will be announced during each episode, and a live judging session will be held during subsequent Chill-Out session!

      And of course, the Chill-Out will not be complete without the customary auction of fantastic photography products and exciting lucky draw prizes which in this episode, will includes an exclusive VIP pass to the WPPM Conference 2012! This VIP pass will entitle the holder to front row seating in all the talks during the conference, and even better, an exclusive invitation to the WPPM Conference 2012 closing nite dinner along side the key speakers, celebrities and fellow photographers.
      Come network, be inspired and experience REAL sharing between photographers!

      Note: Food/drinks are at your own expense, the good conversations and fellowship are on us!

      Wanna ask any of our celebrity guests a question during the Chill-Out? Just Tweet it at Photogs Chill-Out. Follow The Photographer’s Chill-Out Twitter account @photogschillout.

      Registration –
      Forward your name & contact number to :-

      Only 50 passes to give away, 1st come 1st serve basis.

    Petaling Jaya, Malaysia